“Tamara is a gifted singing teacher/vocal coach.  She gently and lovingly  guides you to your true voice; the one that is hidden under all the sounds we think we are suppose to make and all the covering we have done in order to survive.  Through vocal exercises, conversation and the safety of her presence as a witness, she uses her intuition to guide you into making warm, delicious, beautiful and real sounds in a way you never thought you could.  Tamara helps you find your voice, trust it and use it to SING!!!”
Tracee Ellis Ross,
Star of Black-ish on ABC

“I am so grateful to Tamara Silvera and her SING OUT LIVE venue. After 7 years of not singing in public, SING OUT LIVE was the perfect place for me to jump back in and share my voice. Tamara and Russell are true pros and they have a way of bringing out the best in everyone’s talents. Whether you perform regularly or are just getting into singing, give SING OUT LIVE a whirl.”
— Katie Grant, Actress/Singer

“When I started getting vocal coaching from Tamara I had a very ‘just open your mouth and throw  it out there’ approach. I never took into consideration where the tone and breath actually came from. Tamara helped me to realize how a mix of physical, mental and spiritual conditions effect your ability to capture an audience and deliver a true vocal performance. One of the biggest things I’ve learned is how much simply breathing effects the body and attitude. How many emotions can come to the surface and resolve with just taking in air.  Not only while singing but in everyday life.  My attitude, tone and approach is where it needs to be thanks to Tamara”
— Patrick Vegna, HAARD

“Tamara is an excellent voice coach who really gets you to know your body and make the connection between understanding your voice and developing your talents further.”
— Mischa Marcus, Singer/Filmaker

“From the very first lesson with you, there was an instant chemistry which worked so well in her instruction.  Your guidance and confidence building certainly helped Sophia with the Disney audition and was certainly instrumental in her landing the part.  The fact that you are also a songwriter only enhanced your ability to win Sophia’s respect and admiration.  We will always be grateful for your efforts with her.”
— Mike Melon (Sophia’s Dad), PoGo’s/KSM

“My experience with Tamara Silvera as a voice coach over the past couple of years has been amazing – nothing short of astounding!  Her ability to get me in touch with my voice through her body work technique workshops and private sessions has helped me make some major breakthroughs in a short period of time, breaking years of really bad habits”.
— Luce Gauthier, Singer

“When I first went to Tamara for voice training, singing was a very intimidating process and required way too much work.  Her focus on body mechanics, breathing, visualization, rhythm and tone, quickly helped me to grasp where I was in my own journey.  Her ability to see (and hear) each person’ s individual vocal needs, made it easy for me to get really specific about what I needed to focus on to accomplish my singing goals.  Her coaching style is extremely nurturing and positive and although it is still alot of work, she has made it fun for me!”
— Dax Savage, Singer/Songwriter/Performance Artist

For more info, email Tamara at tamarasilvera@yahoo.com

Tamara Silvera | Coaching