Tamara Silvera | Coaching

SING OUT SINGERSĀ is my vocal studio. I’ve been a singer my whole life and I’m on a mission to encourage as many voices as I can to be FREEĀ and to sing out in the world for the sheer love of song.

I’ll re-connect you to your authentic voice. I’ll help free you from vocal tension, fear and self-imposed limitations that cut down your ability to express your voice freely. I’ll teach you how to find your vocal power, physically and emotionally.

The secret is the breath. When you connect your breath to your sound it unleashes passion, energy and truth. Suddenly it’s easy to sing.

I’ll teach you how to use your voice and then I’ll hold a space for you to sing. SING OUT LIVE is a monthly show that I produce to give singers a chance to JUST SING.

To be comfortable in your own skin while you’re singing is truly a blessing for everyone involved. This is my goal for every voice I have the honor to work with.